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Jewelry shop Surprise

Walking along the Prospekt Svobody street (Svobody Avenue) in the Historic Centre of Lviv you wont miss the heritage house 29, the monument of architecture.
This luxury commercial residential and trade house was designed in Eclecticism style by the architects J. Kroh and M. Zilberstein in 1902. Before World War II there were two luxury shops ORBIS, BATA, Weinmans shop of silk items, jewelry shop and others on the ground floor of this building.
Authentic Austrian safe boxes, still standing in the house, keep the memory of the previous century, and the Surprise shop retains the charm and luxury of the old times.
Having the tour of Lviv? Visit the exhibition shop Surprise and make an unforgettable journey to the world of inimitable shining and radiance of adornments and jewellery.
Thinking of celebrating a special occasion? Preserve the charm of your moments with Surprise shop!